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I just released Passenger 3.0.9-1 RPMs.

Anyone using the passenger-release package can yum update to get the new packages. Otherwise, they're available in the repository: (and soon its mirrors)

Notable changes:
  • Bump Passenger to 3.0.9
  • Bump nginx to 1.0.6
  • SELinux changes:
    • Added a new SELinux boolean (httpd_passenger_use_shared_libs) to allow applications to load gems with native code. It is off by default. (Thanks to Darrell for this patch!)
    • Moved Apache's PassengerTempDir to /var/run/passenger. This is a better solution than the policy module changes we had previously. (see RedHat Bug #730837 for more information)

EL 6 packages are still being built by hand, I've had some field reports of earlier packages working, but would feel a whole lot better with more reports. Thanks!

Questions, comments, and reports are best directed to the Github repository, but are welcome anywhere.

(This entry is dated the time of the release, but I didn't notice it was not published until early November)

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