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Passenger 3.0.8-1 RPMs Available

I just released Passenger 3.0.8-1 RPMs.

Anyone using the passenger-release package can yum update to get the new packages. Otherwise, they're available in the repository: (and soon its mirrors)

Notable changes:
  • Bump Passenger to 3.0.8
  • Bump nginx to 1.0.5
Also note that, as of this writing, the official Phusion blog post is wrong on a few key points:
  1. Packages are available for EL 6 distributions (RHEL/CentOS/ScientificLinux). They are still being built by hand, but have been tested and are working in the field.
  2. Fedora 15 support has supplanted Fedora 13, as the Fedora Project lifecycle only supports two releases at a time.
  3. The passenger-release package should be installed using yum install... rather than rpm -Uvh...(The exception to this rule is EL5, whose yum does not support this). This is most important on Fedora distributions, which complain forever once packages are installed outside of yum.

EL 6 packages are still being built by hand, I've had some field reports of earlier packages working, but would feel a whole lot better with more reports. Thanks!

Questions, comments, and reports are best directed to the Github repository, but are welcome anywhere.

Sorry for the delay these were held up by up-stream changes to the invocation of asciidoc that I had already fixed, but commented out because 3.0.7 wasn't affected. Sometimes it takes longer when you're sure you've already fixed that bug.

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