Passenger 3.0.7-4 with EL6 & Fedora 15 Support!

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Yesterday CentOS finally opened the floodgates and released 6.0 into the wild. After spending most of the day downloading new ISOs[*], I set about making passenger packages for EL6.

Anyone using the passenger-release package can yum update to get the new packages. Otherwise, they're available in the repository: (and soon its mirrors)

The notable changes:
  1. The biggest news for this release: Support for EL6 (RHEL, CentOS, and SL) an Fedora 15!
  2. The PassengerHelperAgent used by mod_passenger and nginx-passenger has been moved to its own SELinux domain, and the httpd_use_ps boolean has been removed. It has always bothered me that installing mod_passenger could open up /bin/ps to other httpd_t code (like mod_php & mod_perl for example). This solution much better separates the concerns. (Thanks to Darrell Fuhriman for doing the research and prodding me into implementing the correct solution!)
  3. mod_passenger and nginx-passenger files are now correctly labeled after install. (Thanks to Viliam Pucik for this patch!)
  4. A few of the helper scripts in passenger-standalone were being installed with the wrong permissions. This has been corrected.
  5. The packages should now build cleanly on Amazon Linux AMI. (Thanks to Jordi for the heads-up!)
Mock's build images still point at the beta, and probably will for a little while so I grabbed both ISO images and did a simple build on two installed VMs. I'll feel better when these come out of a consistent environment like mock's, but for now they should be fine.

[*] The aforementioned images I had acquired on Friday turned out to not be final ISOs. They were probably close enough, but in the interest of prudence I downloaded them again.

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