Passenger 3.0.7-5 RPMs

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I just released Passenger 3.0.7-5 RPMs.

Anyone using the passenger-release package can yum update to get the new packages. Otherwise, they’re available in the repository: (and soon its mirrors)

Notable changes:
  • Fixes a crash (segmentation fault) on start up when SELinux is disabled (introduced in 3.0.7-4)
  • Fixes mod_passenger’s rubygem-passenger-native-libs dependency, which will prevent any further unnecessary compilation on servers which may or may not have the necessary components installed. (For a while it has also been easy to create rubygem-passenger-native-libs packages for other ruby interpreters. A forthcoming post will explain that in detail.)
  • Adds httpd to mod_passenger’s dependencies. Obviously the former cannot be run without the latter.
RHEL/CentOS 6 packages are still being built by hand, I’ve had some field reports of them working, but would feel a whole lot better with more reports. Thanks!

Questions, comments, and reports are best directed to the Github repository, but are welcome anywhere.

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