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Passenger 3.0.7-5 RPMs

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I just released Passenger 3.0.7-5 RPMs.

Anyone using the passenger-release package can yum update to get the new packages. Otherwise, they’re available in the repository: http://passenger.stealthymonkeys.com/ (and soon its mirrors)

Notable changes:
  • Fixes a crash (segmentation fault) on start up when SELinux is disabled (introduced in 3.0.7-4)
  • Fixes mod_passenger’s rubygem-passenger-native-libs dependency, which will prevent any further unnecessary compilation on servers which may or may not have the necessary components installed. (For a while it has also been easy to create rubygem-passenger-native-libs packages for other ruby interpreters. A forthcoming post will explain that in detail.)
  • Adds httpd to mod_passenger’s dependencies. Obviously the former cannot be run without the latter.
RHEL/CentOS 6 packages are still being built by hand, I’ve had some field reports of them working, but would feel a whole lot better with more reports. Thanks!

Questions, comments, and reports are best directed to the Github repository, but are welcome anywhere.

Yesterday CentOS finally opened the floodgates and released 6.0 into the wild. After spending most of the day downloading new ISOs[*], I set about making passenger packages for EL6.

Anyone using the passenger-release package can yum update to get the new packages. Otherwise, they're available in the repository: http://passenger.stealthymonkeys.com/ (and soon its mirrors)

The notable changes:
  1. The biggest news for this release: Support for EL6 (RHEL, CentOS, and SL) an Fedora 15!
  2. The PassengerHelperAgent used by mod_passenger and nginx-passenger has been moved to its own SELinux domain, and the httpd_use_ps boolean has been removed. It has always bothered me that installing mod_passenger could open up /bin/ps to other httpd_t code (like mod_php & mod_perl for example). This solution much better separates the concerns. (Thanks to Darrell Fuhriman for doing the research and prodding me into implementing the correct solution!)
  3. mod_passenger and nginx-passenger files are now correctly labeled after install. (Thanks to Viliam Pucik for this patch!)
  4. A few of the helper scripts in passenger-standalone were being installed with the wrong permissions. This has been corrected.
  5. The packages should now build cleanly on Amazon Linux AMI. (Thanks to Jordi for the heads-up!)
Mock's build images still point at the beta, and probably will for a little while so I grabbed both ISO images and did a simple build on two installed VMs. I'll feel better when these come out of a consistent environment like mock's, but for now they should be fine.

[*] The aforementioned images I had acquired on Friday turned out to not be final ISOs. They were probably close enough, but in the interest of prudence I downloaded them again.

CentOS ISOs!

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This afternoon I got my grubby, little hands on x86_64 ISOs for CentOS 6. Since I lost at MUNI-roulette on the way home this evening, I took the opportunity to try installing them into a VM. At first glance, there is no "mock" package, which is rather troubling, but I am holding out hope that will be available when I reach connectivity.

If it's not, I'll have to spend the time to download the i686 ISOs to complete a Passenger build cycle. It would be a royal pain to do it that way, But I'm itching to get it out the door, so we'll wait and see.

Update: Very interesting: the mirror from which I grabbed my ISOs no longer has a 6 tree, so I guess this will have to wait until tomorrow or whenever they finally open the floodgates.

CentOS 6 is Coming!

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Sorry for the delay on RHEL6 Passenger RPMs, I had hoped that CentOS 6 would be hot on the heels of ScientificLinux 6, and held off trying to create an automated build with SL6. My new job also leaves me a lot less free time to play with SL6, so I was hoping for a system with which I was already familiar.

It looks like CentOS 6 will be available on external mirrors in the next day or so, which means I should have a build environment this week. Hopefully I'll be able to use mock immediately, but I'm committed to getting packages finished as quickly as possible, even if that means building by hand on separate VMs.

UPDATE: Edited the link to a newer announcement

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